URL Short

A simple, straight forward URL shortening service

Go ahead...try it!

How would you feel...

How would you feel if you used a service that is simple, transparemt, and straight forward?
Yeah, we figured you would like the idea of that.

About URL Short

Well, to be honest. We just wanted to create a simple and straight forward service that anyone was free to use.
Black, white, yellow, brown...we don't care what your favorite color is or if you like caramel apples (mmmm...caramel). Anyone is free to use our service. Well, within reason of course...

Multiple Domains

Not everyone wants a URLShort.pw link, which is why we have 4 other domains you can choose from: vous.pw, durk.pw, tturl.pw, czar.pw

Active Development

Okay, let's be honest. You don't want to go to a site that doesn't have active developers, that site would be what you see is what you get.
That's not the case here, we're always open to new ideas and possibilities. You share with us what you want, and we'll do our very best to implement it.